Shriek the Red Tailed Hawk


Fun facts about Shriek:

  • Red Tailed Hawks are commonly harassed by crows, smaller hawks or even smaller song birds over territorial disputes. This is referred to as “mobbing.”
  • Their cry is a 2-3 second hoarse, rasping scream that sounds like a steam whistle.
  • A certain recording of the piercing cry of a Red-tailed Hawk is often used in adventure movies to give a sense of wilderness to the scene.
  • Their vision is up to 7 times better than ours! If we were to look through a pair of binoculars, it’d be like looking through a hawk’s eyes.
  • They’re the most widespread and familiar member of the American Buteos. They’re seen so often because of their habit of circling high in the air or perching in dead trees or on telephone poles along the road. Next time you’re driving through a field or wooded area, check the skies and poles – you’re bound to see one!
  • Their talons are their #1 weapon.