The sliver and gold shells of these beetles provide excellent camouflage in the forests of Costa Rica


Like shiny things? Well put aside your love for jewelry and check out these gold (Chrysina aurigans) and silver beetles (Chrysina limbata) whose shiny metallic shells come in handy for blending into tropical rainforests of Costa Rica.

chrysina aurigans, chrysina limbata, beetles, Costa Rica,
Chrysina aurigans, Chrysina limbata. Photo credit: Eduardo M Libby

Water droplets are everywhere in a tropical rainforest, reflecting light in all kinds of directions. This creates the perfect place for a shiny gold or silver beetle to blend in and appear as a flash of light, fooling potential predators. These beetles have a great disguise for the tropical rainforest, but they sure would stand out if they lived somewhere else. Can you imagine one of these guys trying to blend in on a field of grass! What helps you stay incognito in one environment might make you stand out in another, so what kind of camouflage would you use to blend into a city, park or your backyard? Green and brown splotches, black stripes or a shiny blue coat? Tell us your answer in the comments section below.

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