What’s So Great About Frogs?


Not everyone has been won over by the frogs of the world; some people still vote for soft and fluffy species, like Koala bears, as their favourite animal. As much as we adore Koalas, frogs need a lot more appreciation, after all, they are really important animals and here’s why.

Frogs are indicator species:

Frogs have skin that is permeable, which means things can pass through it. This allows them to both breath and drink through their skin. It also means that anything in the environment is really easy for them to absorb. If an environment is contaminated with things like pollutants their health will really be affected. They also live on both land and in the water, which exposes them to two different environments. Thanks to their permeable skin and duel life on and off land frogs are the go to species to figure out how an ecosystem is doing. Scientists often look at frog populations in order to figure out how healthy, or unhealthy an environment is.

green frog in lake

Frogs are important to the food chain:

Throughout the lifecycle of a frog they play an important role in the food chain as both predators and prey. This means that taking them out of the mix has a really big impact on lots of other animals. As tadpoles they feed on algae, which helps to keep the water clean. Once full-grown frogs feed on lots of insects, which helps to control bug populations. When frogs aren’t busy eating things they are being eaten, serving as a tasty meal for tons of animals like fish, snakes and birds.

tree frog stalking an insect

Frogs are really important and it’s up to us to help protect them, you can take action by:

  • Starting a campaign to protect the Oregon spotted frog
  • Helping to keep watery habitats, like ponds and wetlands, frog friendly, by using eco-friendly cleaners and conserving the amount of water you use
  • Learn more about frogs and share your know how with friends and family

Start your campaign to protect the Oregon Spotted Frog

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  1. There are lots of frogs at our camp ground and I always make sure there is no garbage around near the water. I love frogs