Introducing Biomes


Trips to exotic locations are all the rage these days. People love to pack up and head out to new places to experience something different and unlike anything they’ve seen back home.

Try imagining what it would be like to explore your backyard as someone visiting from a faraway place. Sure you get to see it every day, but what would that old pine tree or black squirrel look like to someone raised in a tropical rainforest or the desert?

Once you’ve returned from your backyard exploration try chewing on this thought, why do different places on the planet have different species living in them? For example, why don’t Canadians wake up to see wild iguanas on their lawns, or why doesn’t a person living in Mexico have a polar bear den in their neighborhood?

It all has to do with BIOMES…

planet earth

What is a Biome?

Biomes make up all the major communities found on the planet. These communities are organized based on similar plants and animals, climate and geography. Although there is some overlap, most species that live in one biome could not survive in another. For example, a plant that has adapted to life in a cold wet place would not be able to survive in an area that is hot and dry. Biomes are BIG; they are so large that there can be many ecosystems within them. The same type of biome can also be found in many different places around the world, for example there are grasslands in Africa and in North America.

Biome Conservation

Biomes are important because they create homes for all kinds of species. If it were damaged in some way, the plants and animals living there would also be in trouble. Biomes can also affect each other, just like dominoes, the health of one impacts everything outside of it.

How can you befriend a biome? Take action by…growing local plants, starting a walking school bus, reducing your water usage, building habitat and sharing your knowledge of biome protection with friends and family!

Earth Rangers is going to keep diving into the world of biomes and we want YOU to come along. Stay tooned for the next edition, which will look at the different types of biomes on the planet.

While you’re waiting for the next edition take a look at this biome map or scroll on over to these other pages filled with more biome fun.

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