All Aboard the Akademik Ioffe!


After arriving in Nunavut Marck, and the rest of the Students on Ice group, had a few hiccups in their plans to board the ship. Find out how they made it through the Arctic waters in this Students on Ice update.

floating sea ice The past twenty-four hours have been flooded with intensity and excitement. Due to the excessive sea ice in Frobisher Bay, our ship, the Akademik Ioffe, was unable to come close enough for S.O.I. (Students On Ice) to safely board. However, after many phone calls and extra nights at the Nunavut Arctic College, Geoff managed to devise a plan – and boy was it crazy.

Yesterday, the S.O.I. family went on the school buses for the last time, to the harbour. We dressed up in orange life suits (not vests), and went on barges at sunset. It was my first time in Arctic waters and I could not have asked for anything more. From the barges, we boarded a ship of the Canadian Coast Guard. They sailed us closer to the Akademik Ioffe. In order to get to the Akademik Ioffe from the Coast Guard ship, we had to take zodiacs through the Arctic night and black waters. By the time we were all on board, we had travelled in four different types of vessels and it was one in the morning.

The joy of finally being on a ship kept me awake for an extra hour. The last thing I saw before going to sleep was my cabin porthole with the Arctic sunrise of deep orange gently striking the sky of a spectrum of blues that reflected off icy waters. It was phenomenally breathtaking.

Marck has successfully boarded the Akademik Ioffe and is ready to set sail. Follow his latest Arctic adventures here.

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