Arriving in India: Wandering Cows and a Monkey Thief


Global Vets participants Sam, Megan, Whitney and Monica have arrived in India! Catch up with the girls from Team Adventuring Vets as they explore the streets, survive the heat and hang out with the locals.

Global Vets, India
Whitney, Sam, and Megan

When we first arrived in Delhi it was very, very hot. In fact it was 45ºC! This was like nothing we had ever felt in Canada and we had to make sure we drank lots of water. After a few days of traveling, we made our way to Northern India where it is a little bit cooler and we can start our first Global Vets project. Our first project will be at Palampur University where we will be assisting in the local clinics, which we are very excited about.

So far India has been beautiful. The scenery in the north looks a lot like home with big mountains and pine trees. The people of India are also very friendly. We were invited to a roadside lunch with some locals to help celebrate a holy birthday! We all sat in a circle on the ground and enjoyed some of the local food. It was a bit spicy at first, but we are starting to get used to it. It’s been really nice that everyone is so welcoming.

Global Vets, Cows
Walking with cows on the streets of Palampur. Photo Credit: Megan Monaghan, Samantha Miglin, Monica Marshman and Whitney DeGroot

There are also tons of animals in the streets, especially cows. Cows are sacred in India so everyone respects them and they can roam the streets. It’s a very neat experience to walk amongst the cows on the streets as if they were squirrels! We have also seen many goats and we were lucky enough to even spot a Monkey and its baby. It decided to steal an ice cream cone from one of the tourists to feed to its baby, which was pretty funny.

Global Vets, India, Monkey
Ice cream stealing monkey and baby. Photo Credit: Megan Monaghan, Samantha Miglin, Monica Marshman and Whitney DeGroot

We are having such an amazing experience and can’t wait to start working with the local people and their animals.

Sam, Megan, Whitney and Monica seem to be having a great time in India and we can’t wait to hear about their volunteer work with animals in their next blog post. In the mean time, catch up with the rest of the teams and come back soon for another Global Vets Adventure!

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  1. I know what they have been experiencing. Because I come from India. And I remember a monkey stealing my family’s picnic food.

  2. I would love to be able to travel the world and see all these beautiful animals for real. One day I will be able to make a difference for these animals but also get to see some up close, that is my dream