Joining the Students on Ice Family


Marck has started his Arctic adventure! As Marck departs from Ottawa and heads north he checks in with Earth Rangers to catch us up on the trip so far.

Marck Students On Ice in Ottawa
Marck and some of his Students on Ice family

It’s about an hour until we land in Iqaluit, Nunavut. We have just left Ottawa and everyone is ecstatic for what will be, for the most of us, our first glance of Nunavut and northern Canada. This is officially the first day with the Students On Ice family and I have gotten to know a majority of the phenomenal staff and students. These new friendships have also sparked two new projects for S.O.I.

The first is the Glacier Sculpture. The Canadian Museum of Nature has asked this year’s S.O.I. Arctic Expedition team to find the perfect glacier, take pictures and videos of all its angles, and it will be recreated to scale at the Museum of Nature in stainless steel.

Students on Ice training in Ottawa
Students on Ice training in Ottawa

The second is the first S.O.I. lip-dub. A lip-dub is when a large group of people lip-sync to a song as the cameraperson travels around the building or town – we’ll be doing ours on a ship! Currently, we are still choosing a song but everyone is more than willing to make it happen.

A couple of my personal goals, thus far, are to learn some Russian and Inuktitut from the amazing foreign students. I’ll try displaying what I’ve learned in my next entry. In the meantime, my camera is ready to film the momentous landscape of Nunavut. Half an hour until landing.

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