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Students on Ice participant Marck is getting ready to head out on an epic adventure filled with glaciers, whale sightings, days on the high seas and afternoons hiking along the shores! You can follow Marck on his exciting journey as he guest blogs throughout his trip here on Get started by meeting our adventurer in his bio, then check back in for updates straight from the Arctic. Marck will also be sharing the adventure with tons of experts on everything from climate change to inuit culture, so post your questions below and we’ll pass them off to our Arctic guest blogger to get you some answers.

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marck Preprs for the Arctic

joining the Students On Ice Family

All Aboard Akademik Loffearctic swims and qikiqtarjuaq

Marcks Arctic Journal

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  1. I want to be an Ice Student since I like Penguins in the Antarctica and Polar bears in the Arctic. Please let me know more about this Ice Student thing because I am very interested.