Meet Students on Ice Participant Marck


Last year we followed Joey as he trail blazed his way through the Arctic and this year we are passing the torch off to Marck. Get the details on this youth leader then follow along on his adventure as he guest blogs on

Marck Mercado is an active 18 year old from Markham, Ontario. His passion for the environment is expressed through his work as the 2011-2012 president of the Youth Environmental Network of York Region (YENYR). YENYR is a non-profit, youth-led organization dedicated to empowering students with the inspiration, resources, and network to become environmentally aware and active in their communities. Recently, they successfully held their first ever Eco Youth Forum in the Rouge Park to encourage youth to become more connected with nature. This coming year, YENYR will be working on an even larger project that will connect both the high schools and elementary schools of York Region in a way where everyone can collaborate as stewards of the environment. Marck’s involvement in the community also includes supporting education in impoverished communities with Turn the Page, providing students volunteer opportunities with Youth Volunteer Markham, and acting as a youth voice for the Markham Mayor’s Youth Task Force.

Students on Ice participant Marck
Marck believes that the youth community has great potential in creating positive impacts for the world. By participating on this expedition, Marck plans to continue his goal of inspiring other youth to take an interest and action towards environmental issues, including how the crisis of climate change has affected the Arctic. He hopes that his stories and messages will be a powerful tool of inspiration that will spread as a ripple effect of action.

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