Tanzania’s Dogs and Cats


Before heading back to Canada the Global Vets East Africa team make one last stop in Tanzania to help control the local pet population with Dr. Kahema from the Tanzania Animal Welfare Society

Cat Trap

June 29 2012
Wow, is it ever hot in Tanzania! We are currently staying with Dr. Kahema in Dar es Salaam, on the Eastern coast of Tanzania. Dr. Kahema works with the Tanzania Animal Welfare Society, which works to treat stray animals and help with vaccination and population control of cats and dogs in the city.

Last night, Dr. Kahema set up a cage with fish inside in order to catch stray cats. So today, we were surprised to find that we had caught one! Dr. Kahema had us sedate the cat and perform a neuter. Then, we vaccinated the cat against rabies and gave it some antibiotics to make sure it wouldn’t get an infection after the surgery. When the cat woke up, it got up and wandered back to where it came from. Now it will be healthier and safer, and it won’t add to the cat population problem.

Global Vets Africa Tanzania cat surgery
Photo Credit: Global Vets East Africa Team. Alison, Melissa, Christiane and Sadie

Restaurant Cats

July 3 2012
Today we got to do lots of surgeries at a local restaurant! Here in Tanzania, cats often live at restaurants because they know there will be plenty of food for them to eat. Today, Dr. Kahema took us to a restaurant with over 50 cats living there! The owners of the restaurant didn’t want too many cats around bothering their customers, so we spayed and neutered 9 cats so that they wouldn’t reproduce anymore. It was very exciting for us to learn how to do surgery on our own, and we were happy to help out!

Global Vets team cows Tanzania East Africa
Photo Credit: Global Vets East Africa Team. Alison, Melissa, Christiane and Sadie

Goodbye, Tanzania!

July 10 2012
Today we are leaving Tanzania to go back to Canada. We are sad to be leaving Africa because we have learned so much and made so many friends while we were here. The people we met in Africa have been warm and welcoming to us. Seeing how happy people here can be without the luxuries we are used to in Canada has made us realize that we are very fortunate to be Canadians and we shouldn’t take that for granted. We learned so much about animals, from lions and monkeys to stray dogs and cats, and we can’t wait to go home and tell our friends and family all about it!

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