Visiting the Taj Mahal, a Pink City and Mumbai


After spending a few weeks volunteering with animals in India, this Global Vets team’s journey is nearing its end. They share with us some of their unforgettable experiences before they head home to Canada.

Global Vets Taj Mahal India
Global Vets team at the Taj Mahal. Photo Credit: Megan Monaghan, Samantha Miglin, Monica Marshman and Whitney DeGroot

Our time in India is coming to a close, and we have had some really incredible experiences during our time here. Our veterinary work has been really eye-opening and taught us a lot about the issues that people in India face. Stray dogs are a huge issue here, and walking anywhere in the streets you can be sure to find many dogs wandering around. While working at Jeevashram, we not only learned how to perform spay and neuter surgeries, but also how the program has been helpful in reducing stray dog populations. In Palampur, we learned how local people use their animals as a means of supporting their families. It was incredible to see the dedication that the owners had to their buffalos and mules. Overall, we are finishing our time in India with a good understanding of the differences in how animals are viewed here as opposed to Canada, and we are excited to bring this knowledge back with us.

Dharavi Mumbai India
Dharavi Mumbai India. Photo Credit: Megan Monaghan, Samantha Miglin, Monica Marshman and Whitney DeGroot

In the time that we weren’t doing veterinary work, we were able to experience many of the incredible sights that India has to offer. While in the northern parts of the country, we got fantastic views of the Himalayan Mountains, and experienced the somewhat terrifying driving through the winding mountain roads. We also visited the city of Agra, where we visited the Taj Mahal, which is an incredible white marble building built by an emperor of India in honour of his wife that passed away. The sheer size and detail of the building was truly remarkable. Following Agra, we visited Jaipur which is known as the Pink City. Jaipur also has some beautiful forts, but we mostly experienced the busy street markets, where we got a lot of souvenir shopping done. Our final stop in India was Mumbai, which is a city along the coast of the Arabian Sea. One of the most fascinating places we visited in Mumbai was a place called Dharavi, which is the largest slum in India, and over one million people live here. It was definitely different then we expected, and we got to see the various industries that exist here, including manufacturing and recycling. The people all seemed very happy to live there, and the sense of community was very obvious. All in all, we have had an amazing time in India and are excited to return home and share all our knowledge and experiences with our friends and family at home.

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