Our Pollinator Garden has us Buzzing with Excitement!


This summer, the Earth Rangers Centre was looking as fresh as a daisy and who do we have to thank? YOU! Keep reading to find out why!


When we launched the Pollinator Power Mission, we wanted to show you that we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We said that for every Mission completed, we’d plant 1 ft2 (up to 5,500 ft2) of pollinator-friendly habitat at the Earth Rangers Headquarters!

Well we did it! Thanks to all your hard work, there is a beeeeautiful new 5,500 ft2 pollinator garden right outside our front door. Play this video to see it grow!

Our pollinator garden is home to almost 5000 plants, with 53 different species including Blackeyed Susan and common sneezeweed!

Already, we’ve had quite a few visiting pollinators…


And some interesting guests…


Most of the plants that were planted spent this year putting down roots. We can’t wait to see what the pollinator garden will look like and who else will stop by as new plants sprout and flowers bloom in the years to come!

You can make your own pollinator garden at home! Find out how by accepting the Pollinator Power Mission!


The Pollinator Power Mission is proudly supported by Bayer.