The Saskatchewan River Delta is the largest inland river delta in North America. This series of interconnected wetlands and river channels is home to thousands of species of plants, bugs, and mammals, like the river otter. It’s an internationally recognized Important Bird Area that plays a critical role in the migratory pathway of birds and waterfowl, and the delta ecosystem sequesters billions of tonnes of carbon in its peatlands and boreal forest landscape. Unfortunately, this important ecosystem remains unprotected, leaving it vulnerable to threats like peat extraction and industrial development.

How we're helping

River Otter

Earth Rangers is working with the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) on a project that is seeking permanent protection for a nearly 4,000 square kilometre area of land in the heart of the Saskatchewan River Delta. This will ensure the land remains a protected piece of quality habitat for the animals like the river otter that call it home. River otter populations across North America are in trouble as their habitats continue to disappear, due in large part to increasing urbanization and agriculture, so protecting and preserving the places they’re found is critical.