Introducing Students on Ice


Some of the greatest adventure stories are about explorers heading out on the quest for discovery and surviving in the planet’s harshest climates. These fantastical tales aren’t just bedtime stories anymore. Amazing adventures are happening right now to kids just like you!

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Since 2000, an organization called Students on Ice has taken over 1,600 youth from 40 countries to the Arctic and Antarctic. These real life explorers get a rare chance to experience the polar regions of Earth. Youth gain a new perspective on the planet through wildlife encounters and a first hand look at the effects of climate change.

Arctic Expedition 2011

This year, 75 international students are climbing aboard a ship and setting sail for Iceland, Greenland, northern Labrador and the northern reaches of Nunavik, Canada. Thanks to amazing sponsors, passionate educators, artists and scientists, youth will be exploring the north from July 23 to August 7. Students get the chance to hike northern trails, cruise the waters in inflatable boats called zodiacs, and catch a glimpse of walrus, seals, caribou and of course… polar bears! Visits to Viking ruins, and days spent searching the seas for whales are just some of the activities that will keep these modern day explorers busy.

Can we go to the Arctic too?

Arctic waters, iceberg

Now that you’re dreaming of icebergs and polar bears, it’s time for some great news; you have an all access pass to this adventure! We have a man on the inside taking us along for the ride. A student named Joey will be our eyes and ears, reporting about the expedition and posting it here on the Wild Wire! So settle in and prepare yourself for a captivating story of Arctic adventure sure to keep us cool throughout the hot days of summer.

Up next… get introduced to our guide for this Arctic expedition, Joey!

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