Kirsten Takes on Biodiversity Loss!


In Ranger Reporter Kirsten’s second post she shares her first impressions of COP10 and Japanese culture.

japan, newspaper, cop10, halt biodiversity, protestThis is my second day in Japan and I already feel like I have done so much. I also have this feeling that there is so much to accomplish by youth in these two short weeks. I started my first day in Japan by heading over to the Convention Centre where the meetings would be taking place. It was my first experience in the Japanese culture, and it was definitely an adventure. I took the underground all around, they have tracks on top of each other and it is like an underground world. Once at the Convention Centre I met up with many different youth from Japan, Uganda, Indonesia, USA and Canada. We were kindly invited by the Japanese youth to be part of a demonstration they had put together. We used banners and our selves to create the message “Halt Biodiversity Loss By 2020”. It was photographed and filmed by the media and was on the front page of the Nagoya paper today (Oct 18th).  I then was able to join the youth again to have a three-hour meeting to create our opening statement. The youth that are here at this conference are determined to make a difference and are thrilled by the acceptance of the Convention. I am excited about our progress and see a great future ahead of us ensuring that the youth voice is always heard.

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