Martina Checks in from Malaysia


We are following Ranger Reporter Martina and a team of female science students from Toronto as they share their research on the Don River with the world! In this post Martina’s Malaysia adventure begins, filled with long plane rides and lots of trees.

kuala selangor nature park malaysia
Kuala Selangor Nature Park Malaysia. Flickr Credit: Jess Cheng

Hey guys, we all arrived safely to Malaysia after a long 25 hour plane flight! The weather is very hot, over 36 degrees Celsius and very humid. Much different than the weather we had in Canada before we left. So far we are having the most amazing time ever! On Monday March 21 we spent all day doing stuff related to the forest. Everything from presentations, to mangrove tree and coastal planting. It was such a great experience, even if we did get a couple of mosquito bites! Not to mention that our conference is being held at the Kuala Selangor Nature Park where the monkeys, lizards, and other animals are our neighbors. The one message we would like to share with you from forest day is forest for us. This was the message that was repeated throughout much of the day 🙂 Talk to you all soon!

first ENO asia conference

Get the full story on these globetrotting science girls and be sure to check back in soon for the next update from Martina.

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  1. 36 degrees! It not like that here. I hope you are enjoying the weather while to do a great job 🙂