Martina Says Farewell


We are following Ranger Reporter Martina and a team of female science students from Toronto as they share their research on the Don River with the world! In this post Martina does her shout-outs to thank all those involved and heads for home.

students in Malaysia for environment online conference

As our trip came to an end we were all very sad to leave. We had now made friends across the world, shared studies, experiences, culture, and most importantly united with one another to care for our environment. These memories will last forever and will be held in all of our hearts. This trip was an experience of a lifetime. Never could I have imagined sharing the roads with monkeys, lizards, and many other common animals, or planting trees in a foreign country, or even getting into their river systems to experience them first hand. It was thanks to Earth Rangers, Wildlife Canada, Eagle Beaver, our Notre Dame Community, our friends and families, and last but not least our mentor and teacher coordinator Mr. Ayyavoo. Had it not been for these many bodies coming together, we never would have achieved this experience. We hope to start ENO Canada across all of Canada; all the way from British Columbia to Newfoundland, and we our continuously searching for more members! If you would like to further contact us to talk, or get further information please feel free to email Earth Rangers at and they’ll pass your contact info. on to me. We would all be more than happy to share our stories and many other photos with you! Thanks for coming on this journey with us, we hope you had fun reading about all of our experiences! Remember we can all make a difference no matter how big or small it won’t go unnoticed for Mother Nature will always be there to appreciate it. It’s time to take action, be a leader, and protect our environment!

I would personally like to dedicate my trip to my grandmother. She is the one who inspired me and made it possible to attend the trip, without her support, and advice it would not have been the same.

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  1. :[ : [ :] : ] at least you can see your family. but you still have too leave your friends. keep the memories. we will miss you