Origami and a Dodo Award


Follow Ranger Reporter Christina as she visits COP10.

Japan, shore, water, Hi folks!

I’m at the conference! There are youth and adults from everywhere here! There are many creatures of origami that were sent from children all around the world! It is great that in a way children are represented here. There are stickers in the bathroom reminding people at the conference about how the future of biodiversity will affect children. Remembering this will hopefully inspire the delegations to do their best.

Unfortunately Canada has been awarded the “Dodo Award” for blocking negotiations. That means our country has been preventing good regulations from being made. That is very sad. Hopefully in the next few days Canada will do some good things and help make great 2020 targets for biodiversity.

There will be youth presentations later today! Hopefully many people will come and hear what we have to say. Maybe seeing many Canadians present about biodiversity will inspire the Canadian Delegation to do better! The Youth will be speaking up about the Youth Accord at a fair and at a side-event. I’m really nervous but excited that the moment has finally come.

Wish me luck,

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