Finding a Rare Chameleon


One of the world’s rarest species has shown new hope thanks to an amazing discovery. A new population of the Belalanda chameleon has been found deep in the forests of Madagascar. Let’s follow researchers from the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) into the woods to see if we can find some rare chameleons.

chameleon Belalanda

The Belalanda is one of 75 kinds of chameleon that live only in Madagascar. They are so hard to find that they were only known about because of sightings on a few trees outside of two small villages, talk about remote! Thanks to the researchers at DICE this chameleon has been spotted at a third village on the south side of the main island. Finding these chameleons is only part of the story, we also need to help protect them because they are critically endangered. The biggest threats they face are habitat loss and the pet trade.

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