Saving a Wildlife Sanctuary


Hidden away on the eastern Himalaya foothills of India is a place full of biodiversity. It is home to tigers, Indian elephants and even Great One-horned rhinos. This special area is called the Manas Wildlife Sanctuary and it is a World Heritage site.

rhino, manas wildlife sanctuary, india
Rhino in the Manas Wildlife Sanctuary. Photo Credit: Remco van Merm

Even though it is a protected area, illegal poaching and logging has threatened it. In 1992, the disappearance of the wildlife in the park caused its World Heritage status to be in danger. Yup, there is a list of parks that, although protected, are still being threatened. Today the park is making a comeback. It has been removed from the ‘In Danger’ list and species like the rhino are being reintroduced.

Get the big picture with this list of all the parks that are in danger

tiger, manas, wildlife sanctuary, india
Tiger in the Manas Wildlife Sanctuary. Photo Credit: Jim Thorsell
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