A Letter to Earth Rangers


We love to get messages from kids telling us all about their latest and greatest adventures, and that’s why I am so excited to share with you this letter from Kathleen, who had some pretty awesome stuff happen this  summer.

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Dear Earth Rangers,

My name is Kathleen and I’m an Earth Ranger.  One day my friends and I were watching TV at my Grandma’s cottage when we saw your ad!  One of my friends, Stevie, who’s 8, said we should check out the website some time.  His brother Jack, 10, my brother Rob, 13 and I, 11, agreed, so we were all on board with the idea.  We decided that right then was the perfect time!

So we went on line to www.bringbackthewild.com and discovered what it was all about!  We couldn’t decide which animal to help, so we picked out of a hat: A grizzly!

We discussed what we could do: go from house to house collecting money and raising awareness, play music in town, make posters etc.  But nothing seemed right…Plus it was our last day at our summer vacation cottage, as we would be leaving the next day!

To add to the mix, I had a friend Jaya whom I hadn’t seen all summer, so naturally, she was coming over that afternoon!  Once she arrived we played but we could not get over the fact we hadn’t helped out animals in danger!  So we shared our idea with her!

We decided it would be good if we made posters and held them at the top of the driveway!  That way maybe we would get more people to go to the website.  Then Rob had a wonderful idea!!  A lemonade stand!!!! We had some lemonade in the freezer, which we quickly whipped up while Rob stapled our posters to pieces of wood.  We then took an old wooden chest cover and two stools to make a table.  We brought napkins, lemonade, cookies and glasses!  We were set up at 5 o’clock, as people were coming home after a hot day’s work and getting ready for supper.

We placed our stand at an intersection where drivers have to slow down not far from the beach.  We made a sign on the beach and held our posters beside the road.

Many people stopped and we ran out of lemonade and had to run to our homes for more.  Jack and Stevie’s Mom brought cookies, crackers and cheese, and carrots too.

All in all, it was a wonderful success as we were very busy.  Instead of a fixed price we asked for donations.  People believed it was a good cause and made donations up to $10.00!

Thank you soooooo much for encouraging young kids to raise money to help us have a better future.  I believe that we helped a grizzly bear or two!

Thanks again

Earth Rangers

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Earth Rangers is a non-profit organization that works to inspire and educate children about the environment. At EarthRangers.com kids can play games, discover amazing facts, meet animal ambassadors and fundraise to protect biodiversity.