Asia’s Community Clean Up, Growing One Street at a Time


Meet four-year-old Asia. She may be young but she is extremely dedicated to keeping her community clean and inspiring others to do the same.

Asia and her mom pick up garbage in their neighbourhood each year. This year they made a short video which they shared with family and friends asking for help with their annual clean up.

Asia community clean up

To their surprise people from Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon responded saying they are going to pitch in by cleaning up the streets in their communities and a local environment group called NEAT has also put their support behind the cause.

We were so inspired by Asia’s story that we grabbed some gloves and bags and headed out to the street and spent a lunch hour picking up garbage too!

We think Asia’s commitment to the environment is amazing. An active animal and environmental enthusiast, not only does she pick up garbage to help keep the environment safe for animals, she also recycles and composts.

Keep up the great work Asia!

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