Earth Ranger Alexa is Helping the Planet by Recycling Batteries


Meet Alexa, a seven-year-old with a serious commitment to keeping our planet healthy for all living things.

battery recycling
Photo credit: Kate Everson Quinte West News

In fact, with help from her mom, Alexa collected 646 used batteries and took them to the local depot in her community to recycle them. You can find out more about Alexa’s Battery Blitz Mission here because her local paper did a story about her mission to keep batteries out of the landfill.

Alexa found out about Earth Rangers on TV and decided to join and take on projects to help the environment. “I became an Earth Ranger to help the earth, so that animals don’t become extinct. Everyone needs the opportunity to look at and see all of the amazing animals that we have.”

In addition to recycling batteries, Alexa and her family recycle everywhere – at home, at school and in their community. At Earth Rangers we know how important it is to recycle whenever possible and it is clear that Alexa understands why, “It’s important to protect the animals and the environment because if we don’t we won’t have anywhere to live.”

Thank you, Alexa, for making recycling a part of your everyday life. When we all contribute, we can make a huge difference for the health of our planet.