Earth Ranger Nicholas is on An Animal Saving Mission


Meet 10-year-old Nicholas, an Earth Ranger who has done some amazing things to help protect animals.

Nicholas first learned about Earth Rangers when we visited his school in Manitoba. Since then he has been busy doing his part to preserve the wild spaces that animals call home.

On a Mission

Nick and his bird feeder
Nick and his bird feeder

Nicholas accepted the Battery Blitz Mission and went to his dad’s work to collect batteries. He collected 400 batteries!

To support the For the Birds Mission he came up with his own design for a bird feeder that will help birds in the winter and hopefully protect the seeds from squirrels!

For the Homemade Holiday Mission, Nicolas made a very cool card out of a used pizza box and recycled paper. It can even be used as a Christmas card holder or a stocking for holiday goodies!


Helping Owls

Nicholas is also working to help the western screech owl. He made this awesome western screech owl poster and made a presentation at his school to help raise awareness and funds for his campaign. He is also shovelling driveways in his community and plans to host a Bring Back the Wild Birthday party in the spring to support his campaign.

Nicholas’ homemade holiday card

A Message from Nicholas

“We need to help protect all animals so people in the future will be able to enjoy them. I try my best to help animals. I pick up garbage when I see it on the street or in a park. I recycle paper and plastic at home. I even made a bird feeder out of a plastic bottle that I recycled.”


Thank you Nicolas for everything you are doing to make a difference for animals!


  1. Hi all the Earth Rangers it’s me Emily I was wondering if you guys could help me do Mission I want you guys to stop people from littering