Nasim Helps Protect the Pine Marten!


When summer lets out Earth Rangers, along with the kids we visit throughout the year, take a break from the school scene. We head out into the sunny days of summer with the Animal Ambassadors, but instead of visiting the classroom we meet up with kids and their families at such community events as Ontario Place and the Royal Ontario Museum. One of the kids we met last summer was Nasim, he heard our message about the importance of protecting the environment and was inspired to take action to help the Newfoundland pine marten.

Meet Super Ranger Nasim!

Nasim Ontario PlaceHi, my name is Nasim and I am 11 years old. I LOVE animals so much. My family has travelled to many cities to see as many animals as we can. My favourite animal is the Emperor Penguin. My favourite animal memory is when I got to touch King Penguins in Sea World. They were amazing and sooo soft. My favourite subject in school is biology and going to the library to get books about animals. My least favourite subject in school is math. I would love to have a job that would let me work with animals one day.

I first heard of Earth Rangers when I went to an Earth Rangers show at Ontario Place in 2010. Seeing the animals was what interested me first and once I found out that I could help endangered species I knew that I had to do something. With the help of my family, friends and classmates I had a fundraising bake sale, started a dog walking business and asked for donations instead of Christmas presents.

When I first started to raise money it was difficult but as more of my friends and classmates found out how important helping endangered species it became easier. This showed me that we can achieve anything if we all work together. It is everyone’s responsibility to help our planet and all creatures that live on it.

Thanks Nasim for helping spread awareness about the Newfoundland pine marten and raising support for important conservation work! Check out this update from the Newfoundland pine marten to see how Nasim and Earth Rangers just like him have helped Bring Back the Wildℱ.

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