Say Hello to Super Ranger Sam


Meet Sam! He’s a 7-year-old who really knows what it means to be an Earth Ranger. He is allergic to a lot of stuff outside, BUT that doesn’t keep him from doing what he can to protect the planet!

After Sam joined Earth Rangers, the first thing he did was plant a garden! He teamed up with his mom (who is an expert gardener) and planted a bunch of flowers and food. Now they have lots of food to eat that they’ve grown themselves! 

Their garden is visited by lots of hungry bees and birds. Sam jumped into action to make them feel welcome. He put in a bee hotel and a bird house that he made HIMSELF, and a family of sparrows nest in it each year! Go, Sam, go! 

Sam is also a Mission Master! He has done so many, but his favourite is Just 1 Tree. That’s where you plant trees to help fight climate change. Sam loves everything about trees, whether it’s climbing them or just exploring the forests they create. Plus, trees are home to Sam’s all-time favourite animal: squirrels!

Sam and his family try their best to walk and ride their bikes as much as possible. They compost the scraps from the fruits and vegetables that they grow and return it back to the earth! They also try to use as little packaging as possible, and Sam helps his dad sort the recycling almost every week! 

What words does Sam have for kids like YOU? It’s important protect the planet because “when we help the earth and work together, we can conquer our garbage problems and climate change!” 

Earth Ranger Sam is the perfect example of a Super Ranger!
These are kids who go above and beyond to make the planet a better place.