Super Ranger Alex’s Tale of Cookies, Christmas and Caribou


This past holiday season Earth Rangers kicked off the Save the Real Reindeer campaign. We called on kids to join together to protect the Woodland caribou, a species that once roamed all across Ontario but today lives only in the northern half of the province. Through the Save the Real Reindeer campaign, Earth Rangers and the Wildlife Conservation Society of Canada teamed up to raise awareness about the Woodland caribou and support conservation efforts.

Super Ranger Alex with dog
Alex and his best friend, Ryder the golden retriever

All of this caribou protecting would not be possible without the support of a whole team of Earth Rangers! Who are these kid eco-heroes who have taken up the call for planet protection? Well, they are kids like Earth Ranger Alex. Listen up for what he has to say about animals, caribou and yes, even cookies!

Super Ranger Alex with cookies
Alex sneaking a cookie from his Save the Caribou fundraising campaign

My name is Alex and I am an Earth Ranger. I love animals – all kinds of animals. That’s why I became an Earth Ranger. When I grow up I hope to be a veterinarian or a zoo keeper. I chose to protect the Woodland Caribou because it was Christmas and Santa needs his reindeer. Because it was Christmas, my Grandma and Grandpa donated. So did my mom and my dad. Then I made and sold chocolate chip cookies. Canada has so many awesome animals. When I grow up I don’t want all our amazing animals to be gone. I think more kids should become Earth Rangers because it is up to us to save the wild animals of Canada. My name is Alex and I love animals.

Thanks to Earth Rangers just like Alex we have helped protect the Real Reindeer! To find out more about how your Bring Back the Wild campaign is making a difference check in with the Woodland caribou in this update from the field.

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