Super Ranger Emily and her Super Sash!


During March Break, 2012, Earth Rangers was at the Royal Ontario Museum where we met some fantastic audiences that came to see the Bring Back the Wild™ show. One day we had an awesome visitor named Emily, who stood out from the crowd thanks to a cool homemade sash that she covered in all the Earth Rangers buttons she had earned. Not only is she a proud Earth Ranger, she has all the buttons to prove it! Here’s what Emily has to say about being an Earth Ranger.

Emily and her sash

My name is Emily, I am 10 years old. I like anime, music, webkins and I am an Earth Ranger. My Dream one day is to one day become an obstetrician (a doctor who helps deliver babies) but I also want to help animals in any way I can.

I heard about the earth rangers when they were at Ontario Place during the summer and I learned so much about all the animals I like learning and reading about.

But then I began to get scared that all the animals that I love could be gone in a few years and it saddened me to know that all these animals are suffering and not many people know or care so I decided to become an earth ranger and help spread the word and raise awareness to help the animals of the world!

So that’s when I had my Parents and my sister, bring me door to door, and start campaigning in my neighborhood. And I will continue to campaign until I help all the animals I can.

Emily is really passionate about helping people and the environment and that’s why she became an Earth Ranger! Great job Emily and keep up the amazing work protecting animals.

Are you helping to protect the environment? Tell us your story and you could be the next Super Ranger!

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