Super Ranger Rachel


Rachel was just five-years-old when she learned about narwhals and this unique marine mammal sparked her passion for animals.

When she heard about Earth Rangers she was inspired to take action to help animals and has been an active Earth Ranger for the past four years. Her first campaign was to help the peregrine falcon, next up was the pine marten, then the polar bear and most recently the beluga whale.


Each year Rachel completes a research project and presents her findings to her class and asks for donations. Her teachers have come to expect and support a request from Rachel once each school year to make this presentation to her class. Her classmates are very receptive and this year was no different.


This year Rachel chose to help the beluga whale. While on vacation, Rachel and her family went whale watching and saw some of these incredible animals up close. “The captain shared a lot of cool facts about whales and I was very interested. When I went on the Earth Rangers website I saw the beluga whale and chose it right away! Also, because all the other fundraisers I did were for land animals, I wanted to switch it up and help all animals.”

Another way Rachel helps animals is by picking up litter wherever she is – at the beach, the park and around her neighbourhood. “My family and I go to the park near where we live in the Spring and clean up the garbage that gets blown there all winter.”

School Photo

Rachel has recently become an Official Earth Ranger and received her membership card and kit in the mail. She also plans to participate in other Earth Rangers missions so she can continue to make a difference even when she is not fundraising. “Kids should care about animals and the environment because it’s our world too and when we grow up we want to have a clean and safe environment.”

Thank you Rachel for your commitment to helping animals. We LOVE hearing about Earth Rangers who have made taking care of animals and the environment part of their everyday life.



Stay tuned for more about Rachel as she travels to the Oceans Caucus Conference as an ambassador for Earth Rangers.
She will share her experience in an upcoming Wild Wire post.

Earth Rangers is a non-profit organization that works to inspire and educate children about the environment. At kids can play games, discover amazing facts, meet animal ambassadors and fundraise to protect biodiversity.