Super Ranger Sophia and Her Caribou Play


AAAAAND ACTION! How many people do you know that have starred in a play? Well this Super Ranger not only starred in a play, she wrote it too and it was all about how to protect the woodland caribou!


Photo Credit: Ron Thiessen

Meet Super Ranger Sophia! After seeing Earth Rangers on TV and the Earth Rangers show at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), Sophia wanted to make a difference for endangered animals. Worried that if people keep killing endangered animals then there might not be any left for future kids to see, Sophia jumped into action!

Combining her love for animals with her dream of writing and being in her own play, Sophia came up with a great story featuring some familiar characters: a wood thrush, polar bear, American badger, Oregon spotted frog, and of course, a woodland caribou. The Prime Minister even made an appearance!

The story is about two sisters, Lola and Charlie, who want to stop global warming and save endangered animals. They decide to write to the Prime Minister, asking her for help. Meanwhile, a group of animals is looking for a new home but can’t seem to find a place that is suitable for their needs. Check out the video above to see what happens next!


Sophia did an amazing job and raised over $500 to protect the woodland caribou!

A BIG thank you to Sophia and her awesome cast: Jacqueline, Francessca, Emma W, Tithi and Emma R.

Earth Rangers is a non-profit organization that works to inspire and educate children about the environment. At kids can play games, discover amazing facts, meet animal ambassadors and fundraise to protect biodiversity.