Super Ranger Super Team


What’s better than just one Earth Ranger? A pack of Earth Ranger super siblings! We’re so excited to introduce you to Aydin (4 years old), Aariz (8 years old), Shazana (6 years old), and Sameeh (10 years old)! This family of animal-saving heroes work together every day to make a difference for our planet!

These super siblings were inspired by their dad. He is an EcoChampion at his work! That means he works with his co-workers to reduce waste, conserve energy, and clean up the environment. He signed them up to be Earth Rangers, and now they’re an unstoppable team! 

Their favourite activity is learning how to recycle and reduce waste the right way. It’s a big task that isn’t always easy, you just have to be brave enough to try! They LOVE the arctic fox and have each adopted a polar bear!

The super siblings told us: 

“Our favourite part about being an Earth Ranger is that we get to protect the planet. Our favourite part about nature is trees and how they give us oxygen to breathe!”

Their next planet-protecting adventure is to plant some trees and organize a cleanup of their neighborhood park where the local kids play. After that, they plan to talk to their schoolmates about saving energy!

What a team! High five, super siblings! We’re so impressed by your dedication to animals and saving the planet. Together, everything is possible!


  1. You go super siblings, you inspirer all of us to do what’s right even if no one else wants to help you show cooperation. Your a great example that kids like us can do big things. Your Amazing

  2. This is awesome! I wish my siblings did that with me, but I never got an Earth Rangers card, and I’ve been an Earth Ranger for two years!

    • Hi there, thank you for your comment! If you have any questions about your membership please feel free to have a parent/guardian contact us through email. Our Member Care Team will be more than happy to help. : )