Super Ranger Veronica


We’re excited to introduce you to a 10-year-old that’s really passionate about protecting animals and their habitats. Meet Super Ranger Veronica! Not only did Veronica start a campaign in support of the Plains bison, but she also formed a club at school and took a trip to see the animals her fundraising efforts helped protect.

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Veronica and Liam, her brother

It all started when Veronica saw an Earth Rangers’ clip on TV about how she could make a difference in the lives of animals that are losing their homes. Veronica was inspired and, with help from her dad, signed up to become an Earth Ranger. She started a campaign to protect the Plains bison. Picking this animal was pretty obvious since this project is in Saskatchewan, where Veronica lives, and she learned a lot about bison in her social studies class last year.

Thanks to lots of hard work collecting cans and bottles and sharing her campaign with friends and family, Veronica was able to raise donations to help protect the Plains bison! This was Veronica’s first major fundraising experience, and she plans to raise more in the next school year along with her brother Liam.

Creating the Earth Rangers Club

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Earth Rangers Club animal show case

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One recess at school Veronica and a small group of friends started doing research on endangered animals. It wasn’t long before a teacher overheard what the group was doing and expressed an interest in turning it into a real school club. A few weeks later, kids were meeting twice a week at recess to make posters and raise awareness about Earth Rangers, the Plains bison and many other featured animals. The students also made a presentation at the yearend school assembly to promote the Earth Rangers club to the student body. At the assembly Veronica was even recognized by the teacher supervisor for all her hard work.

While driving through Veronica’s hometown the Earth Rangers National Tour stopped by her school for a special visit where we met her classmates and shared with them the Bring Back the Wild School Show. After the show, Veronica got an up close encounter with one of our Animal Ambassadors, Echo the barn owl.

Seeing Her Donations in Action

Conservation Area, Saskatchewan

On August 19th, Veronica and her family went out to meet the bison she helped protect at Old Man on His Back Prairie and Heritage Conservation Area, in southwest Saskatchewan. At the visitor centre Sue, from the Nature Conservancy of Canada, told them all about the Plains bison that live in the conservation area and gave them directions to the nearest pasture where they could see them. With a good pair of binoculars in hand, Veronica and her family set out to see the bison her Bring Back the Wild campaign helped protect.

Bison, kids, conservation area

Words from Veronica

Here’s what Veronica said about her bison saving adventure One person can make a difference. I’m just one little girl that had an idea and it turned into a real club! The day I came home and told my mom that three friends had turned into this big group, it was very exciting.”

Has Veronica’s story inspired you? Start a Bring Back the Wild campaign to protect animals and remember to share with us how you’re taking action to help the environment because you could be our next Super Ranger

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