Top Ten Ways Kids are Saving the Planet


Going “environmental” can seem like a BIG job but luckily there are plenty of really smart Earth Rangers on-hand to give you some ideas on how to go green, and not in the scary Incredible Hulk kinda’ way.

Boy composting

#1 Lovin’ Organic

Earth Ranger Blitz says “I buy organic food and my mom buys organic cleaners and stuff.”

#2 Compost

Getting down in the dirt with composting can be fun, just ask Merlin7 who says “I compost like crazy! My mom gets so pumped to use what we have composted in her garden. Our garden is always huge and healthy every summer!”

#3 Unplug

Being one of the cool kids has never been easier, just follow Sneakerboy’s advice “i unplug all my elecrtonics at night because im cool like tatht”

#4 Putting Less in the Garbage

Let your creative juices flow by finding ways to reuse things. Selena says that we should “recycle or reuse garbage”

#5 Think Reusable

Think of the life cycle of the things you use and try to re-use products as much as possible. Wally says “I bring re-usable bags when I go shopping, and pack my own lunch in re-usable containers instead of plastic bags and use a re-useable water container ”

#6 Park the Car

Use your feet to walk, pedal or board your way around. Kareel says “I rode my bike and walked to the places i was going.”

# 7 Conserving H2O

Ranger5515251 says “I don’t waste water by turning the tap off while I brush my teeth.”

#9 Go Local

Forget the truck that drives for days to bring you fresh fruit, get more green power in every bit of food by thinking local. Ranger5515253 says We have a garden. It’s good to eat things that we grow ourselves. It’s so cool.”

#10 Spread the Word

Earth Ranger hopscotch says they are helping by having joined bring back the wild ” a kid powered campaign to save animals and their habitats.

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