Celebrate Canada Day the Eco-Friendly Way


canada day, celebrate, environment, green, ecoWhat’s the best way to show your true patriot love this Canada Day? If you really want to keep our country clean and healthy, keep your celebrations green!

Now, just imagine in this country of 33 million people how many cities, towns and households will be setting off fireworks on July 1st. A lot! That’s why changing the way you do fireworks can make a big difference for the planet. Fireworks might be a blast (no pun intended) but their fiery fallout is far from green…

When fireworks are set off, they release heavy metals like lead, chromium, carbon monoxide, and sulfur oxides, just to name a few. Do any of these sound familiar from science class? That’s because these are some of the same chemicals used in rocket fuel and explosives. There MUST be greener ways to have a good time!

Eco-friendly fireworks

Luckily, there are more eco-friendly fireworks options out there today. Fireworks made with nitrogen-rich materials are less toxic and smoky.

Sometimes these different chemicals make the show even MORE intense and colourful! Some of these nitrogen fireworks are already being used in circuses, concerts and other events. In fact, enough people in California complained to Disney about the fireworks shows they put on that the company started using cleaner and quieter fireworks methods to make things safer for their neighbours.

So instead of listening to mom and dad argue about which end of the firework to light, why not head out to a neighourhood show for 10 times the explosive action (minus the injuries)? Sharing the experience makes for less fireworks waste overall. You can also write or talk to the organizers ahead of time and encourage them to go with environmentally friendly fireworks this year.

If you’d still rather stick close to home, swap the fireworks for any of these awesome activities:

  • Make your own noisemaker (all you need are dried beans, a pie tin or empty can, paper and an elastic band to keep it together)
  • Make your own confetti with recycled paper and a hole punch
  • Organize a parade with friends and family
  • Have a campfire (just make sure to stay safe!)
Earth Rangers is a non-profit organization that works to inspire and educate children about the environment. At EarthRangers.com kids can play games, discover amazing facts, meet animal ambassadors and fundraise to protect biodiversity.


  1. wow its so cool how technology has come so far, i never knew that fireworks were bad for the environment