Eco-Dream Catcher

dream catcherAre your dreams green? This dream catcher will help you see the power of biodiversity in the web of life and how every living thing in nature is connected. Weave it together and build an ecosystem that will catch all those eco-friendly thoughts for you to dream about!

What you need:

  • Cardboard (cereal boxes work great but any recycled cardboard will do)
  • Pencil
  • Yarn (thread or twine can also be used)
  • Scissors
  • Paper (any kind as long as you can easily write on one side)
  • Hole punch (scissors can be used instead but make sure you ask an adult for help)
  • Glue
  • Two round objects to trace, one bigger then the other e.g. the lids of plastic containers
  • Optional Materials for Decorating: Markers, beads, feathers and lots of creativity!

What you need to do:

1) Go in Circles

Draw a circle on the piece of cardboard by tracing the larger round object and cutting it out. Trace the smaller round object inside your circle and cut it out, which will give you a ring. Use your cardboard ring to trace and cut out a paper ring of the same size. Now glue both rings together.

2) Dotting the Ring

Draw 8 dots evenly spaced around the ring, make sure your dots go all the way around the circle. Use your hole punch to make a hole over each of the dots.

3) Names

Decide which hole you want at the top. Got it? Great! Now tie a piece of string through it and make a loop to hang your new creation. Move to the next hole on the right and above it, write the word plant. Name the next hole bird, then mosquito, fish, mushroom, frog and lastly human. Now all your holes should be named.

4) Weave it Together

Take a piece of string that measures about two arms length and tie it to the hole named plant. The plant is the start of your ecosystem because it’s a producer, which means it makes its own food from the sun through photosynthesis. Next pull the thread through the hole labeled fish because many of them eat water plants. Fish are eaten by humans so go to this hole next. Humans give nutrients to those pesky mosquitoes, which make a yummy treat for frogs, who get gobbled up by birds. Once the bird is no longer alive it becomes food for decomposers like mushrooms, which rely on animal and plant materials. This gives nutrients back to the earth, which helps the plants grow.

Now imagine someone came and cut some of those strings in your web, what would happen to your ecosystem? It would become weaker or maybe even fall apart! That’s why we have to protect biodiversity. All living things play an important role; it’s this diversity that keeps the web of life healthy.

Extra Tips and Tricks

  • Make your web bigger by connecting more creatures or adding new species.
  • Get creative! Try attaching three strings to hang off the bottom and add feathers or tie beads to the string in the centre as you weave it through the holes.
  • Try making a different ecosystem. Think about the ways living things are connected and design your own eco-dream catcher using your favorite animals.
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