Biodiversity Loss is Bad for your Health


When you get a tickle in your throat, the adults in your life might say that you got sick because you didn’t dress warm enough or eat all of your veggies. Have you ever thought that a lack of biodiversity might have also played a role?

mosquito pink flower

You see, ecosystems that have lost much of their biodiversity become more vulnerable to invasive species and can run rampant with infectious diseases. For example, mosquitoes are kept in-check by insect-eating animals, like frogs. So, if frog populations were to decline because of human pressures, we have a lot more mosquitoes. And with more mosquitoes, there could be an increase in the spread of nasty bugs like the Bird Flu and malaria. Adding to this, the shrinking of habitats puts humans in closer contact with wild species that can transmit new types of diseases to us. Yikes!

Prescribing Biodiversity

Now that we know biodiversity keeps us healthy, it’s time to take action by prescribing a little biodiversity protection for everyone. You can help by protecting animals and their habitats with a Bring Back the Wild Campaign, spreading awareness about species at risk, and doing your part to live green

Earth Rangers is a non-profit organization that works to inspire and educate children about the environment. At kids can play games, discover amazing facts, meet animal ambassadors and fundraise to protect biodiversity.


  1. This is exactly why we need to protect our environment! It is very important. I dont understand why people don’t want to make us safer and healthier