Follow that Penguin!


Studying penguins can help us better understand things like the effects of global warming on the South Pole. For scientists to  research these penguins they have to keep up with them and that can be tricky! Usually scientists put bands on the penguins’  flippers to follow them but do these tracking devices cause trouble?

penguins shore

A new study followed banded penguins for over 10 years and found that they produced 39% fewer chicks and have a 16% lower survival rate when compared with non-banded birds. One explanation could be that the band creates resistance in the water, making it more difficult for them to swim. It’s like you trying to run while carrying your backpack!

It might be time to rethink how we keep track of animals, instead of using bands, how else do you think we could follow penguins? Post your ideas below.

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