Ever wonder where the term lovebird comes from? Well they are a real bird and just like their name says they are quite romantic. Lovebirds (Agapornis) mate for life, forming strong bonds with one another.  They can often be seen preening (cleaning each others’ feathers) or affectionately biting their partner’s beak. These birds aren’t the only romantic creatures though; here are a few more nature love stories brought to you by our feathered friends.

lovebirds agapornis fischeri

Homemade presents

Birds may not know how to make pink heart shaped greeting cards but many of them are expert homebuilders. Male Bowerbirds build elaborate nests using tons of found objects to put together a special scene that they hope will grab the attention of a female.

Marsh Wrens (Cistothorus palustris) also build nests to impress, but they are so hard working that they construct many different dome-shaped homes for the females to choose from. Once a female Marsh Wren comes into the males territory he will show her several different nests. If the female likes one of the nests she will line it with strips of grass, small stems and other items to make the space her own.

Cooking up something sweet

Some birds show they care by bringing food, cause nothing says I love you quite like a yummy snack. This courtship feeding can be seen in such birds as the Common Tern (Sterna hirundo), males of this species bring fish to the females.

Putting on a show

Magnificent Birds of Paradise (Diphyllodes magnificus) take a different approach to courting. First the males  set the stage, cleaning up an area by removing twigs and leaves. Once things are just right they show off their beautiful feathers, dancing and calling to impress the females of their species.

Take it from the birds

This Valentine’s Day be inspired by nature and show someone how much they are loved by making a gift, baking a tasty treat or singing a song. All great bird inspired ways to make your friends and family feel special.