National Tour: Roadtrip Packing List


Just as kids are getting back into the groove of things at school, the Earth Rangers’ team is also heading back to class. But we’ve decided to make our back to school event bigger than ever! We’re heading back to class by traveling across the country to visit schools from Vancouver all the way to Halifax. What do you pack for such an adventure? Shannon, Andy and Animal Ambassadors Linus, Echo and Dora gave us a peek inside their suitcases to find out!

Echo Barn Owl suitcase


Animal Ambassador Linus, the Harris Hawk, has made lots of room in his bag for toys. Anything tossable had to be packed including his favourite football. This ball is great for playing predator versus prey, which helps keep Linus’ hunting skills sharp.


Shannon’s packed her MP3 player, which is filled with the biggest collection of country music we have ever seen. According to Shannon, she is going to use the time in the car to help fellow Earth Ranger, Andy, develop a new found love for country music. When the music isn’t cranked up Shannon will be taking a peek at the field guides she has packed. These books will come in handy as she identifies plants and animals that live in different parts of Canada.


Andy’s suitcase is filled with lots of Earth Rangers’ shirts, because with gear this stylish why pack anything else to wear? He’s also brought earplugs, vowing to return from the trip without having to listen to too much of Shannon’s country music. Andy has also tossed in a pair of hiking boots for exploring some of the country’s most beautiful spots, along with a camera to capture these moments.


Dora the Black and White Tegu has packed all of the Animal Ambassadors’ vitamins, because it’s important to eat well even while on the road. Dora has also made a list of grocery stores to stop at along the way because she just can’t risk running out of tasty grapes to snack on.


As a Barn Owl, Animal Ambassador Echo always know where he’s going so he has been made the National Tour’s official navigator. As a backup, he has also packed a map or two of Canada to help keep the team on course.

Get to know the full team by reading their Bios and check back soon for more updates from the road.

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