Your Thoughts on Earth Day


Last month we asked what Earth Day means to you, and we got some great submissions in response! You sent us songs, poems, artwork, stories and other creative masterpieces. Here are a few of the amazing submissions that show what Earth Day is all about.

diving with dolphins

Addie says: “Earth day means loving dolphins and whales and other cool marine mammals, not using harsh toxic chemical cleansers (use baking soda instead), choosing natural fibre clothing whenever possible because ocean critters don’t need to ingest our microfiber lint…yuck! It means loving your habitat you’re in and let’s reuse recycle and reinvent everything so as to take care of our planet…”


The Planet is Ours
Submitted by Lucas

The planet is ours
To love and respect
From oceans to forests
They’re ours to protect

But now it’s a race
A challenge of time
To undo all the harm
Caused by mankind

Small acts or big ones
All of them count
We can each make a difference
Here’s some ideas not to discount

Be lunch smart at school
To reduce needless waste
Forget plastic bottles
Put recyclables in their place

Unplug your gadgets
When you finished your play
They’re vampires of energy
An electricity waste

When you doodle, draw or print
Be kind to a tree
Use paper wisely
Two pages, not three!

The planet is ours
To love and respect
From oceans to forests
They’re ours to protect

Renessa says: “Turn the sod, plant a garden and a tree; grow your own oxygen as well as food…”

Earth Day!
Submitted by Persephone

“Hey, Alyssa! Guess what day it is today!” Ronny said.
“Umm… your hamster’s birthday?” Alyssa guessed.
“No. That was three months ago. It’s Earth Day!” Ronny said excitedly.
“Oh right! Earth Day! What is your family doing?” Alyssa asked.
“We’re picking up garbage in our neighborhood.” Ronny answered. “What about you? What are you doing?”
“We’re going around town and asking for donations to save the Plains Bison. We’re hoping to collect at least two hundred and fifty dollars!” Alyssa answered.
“Wow! That’s a lot of money!” Ronny said.
“Well, I better get going. I have to start collecting donations!” Alyssa said.
“Same here, except I’m picking up garbage not collecting donations. Bye!” Ronny said.
“Bye!” Alyssa said.

“Hi, Mom and Dad! When are we going to start picking up garbage?” Ronny asked.
“In a couple of minutes.” Ronny’s Mom answered.
“Okay! Oh! Guess what! Alyssa’s family is going around town and collecting donations to save the Plains Bison! They’re hoping to get at least two hundred fifty dollars!”
“Wow!” Ronny’s Dad said.

“Hey! Let’s get going! We need to collect some donations.” Alyssa reminded her parents.
“Oh right! I almost forgot!” Alyssa’s Dad said. Alyssa’s family got their buckets to keep the donations in, got their shoes on and headed outside to start collecting donations.
“Hi, Alyssa! My family picked up 3 big bags of garbage!” Ronny said proudly.
“Wow! My family collected 379 dollars and 43 cents!” Alyssa said happily.
“This has been the best Earth day ever! We really made a difference in the world!” Ronny said.

And that’s what Earth Day means to me!
Making a difference in the world!

Emily (earth65) says: “Earth day is about saving our planet from global warming. Some people say earth day is a bunch of garbage but I say that earth day is about saving the planet from garbage. It’s like the song we sang for music festival we only got one planet, that’s right so we have to save it or else we might lose it. Some people might not know but in the Pacific Ocean there is a waste land floating around. Killing animals and picking up garbage. It is bigger than Alberta and Saskatchewan put together. So any way let’s stick together and save our earth.
Happy earth day everybody”

Earth Day Song
Submitted by Emily (peach)

plastic bottles garbage pollution beach sand ocean
We’ve only got one planet for all of us to share the time has come for everyone to show the world we care one planet one planet made by god for all to share one planet one planet time to show we care were using our resources faster then they can renew polluting air and water what can children every person on the earth can help to keep it clean young and old can do their part to keep it ever green one planet one planet made by god for all to share one planet one planet time to show we care.

Ranger56131861 says: “I love earth day it’s a day when people finally have time in their busy lives to appreciate what nature has to offer. My favourite animal is the blue whale cause they are so amazing!”

Earth Day Art
Submitted by Katie

katie's picture of Earth Day


  1. It’s so sad how much of the Earth has been damaged and polluted because of our carelessness.