This-or-That Coin Jars


Ever wanted to know whether your friends think sharks are cooler than elephants, AND raise money for the project you’re supporting all at the same time? Well, now’s your chance! Set up a This-or-That Coin Jar at your next event and let your friends and family vote with their change!


Just follow these steps:
Step 1: Choose a “This-or-That” topic and pick at least two options as answers.
Step 2: Write out your question on some paper and set up two jars, one for each option (and don’t forget to decorate them).
Step 3: Ask people to vote for their favourite answer by dropping their spare change in the jars.
Step 4: At the end of the day, count up the money in each jar. The jar that held the most money is the winner.
Step 5: Donate that money to the project you’re supporting and do a happy dance!


Need some “This-or-That” topic inspiration? Check these out:

Question: Which baby animal is cuter?
Answers: a duckling or a piglet


Question: Which animal makes a better pet?
Answers: a cat or a dog

Question: Which animal has the coolest tail?
Answers: a lemur or a scorpion

Question: Which animal superpower would you rather have?
Answers: be able to fly like a bird or run at super speeds like a cheetah

Question: Which animal would you like to make a comeback?
Answers: a T-Rex or a Wooly Mammoth


Question: Where would you rather live?
Answers: in a swamp or in the desert

Question: What kind of bear is best?
Answers: brown bear or black bear


Can you think of some other “This-or-That” questions?