Calling All Kids: Top Ten Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors


How have you spent your summer? Hopefully you’ve made time for some outdoor adventures! If you’re stuck for ideas of how to make going outside fun, check out this list of the top ten outdoor activities every kid needs to do! What are your favourite outdoor activities? Leave us a comment to share your ideas.

1) Swim in a BIG body of water like the ocean or a lake

Young girl swimming

2) Look for bugs

Girl Examining Stick Insects In Jar

3) Go hiking

kids hiking

4) Have a camp out in a park or even your backyard

boy in camping tent

5) Plant a tree or flower

tree planting

6) Catch raindrops on your tongue

young girl enjoying the rain

7) Stargaze and see what constellations you can find

Stellar Cluster M11

8) Build a tree fort or outdoor playhouse

Tree house

9) Pick fresh fruits or vegetables to eat

kid picking apples

10) Watch the sunset

Children running on meadow at sunset