Countdown of Animals that Change Colour in the Winter


Just like we change our clothing for the winter, many animals also change their appearance to help them stay warm and to camouflage from predators. Check out this countdown of animals that look completely different from winter to summer.

1) Ptarmigan in the Summer

ptarmigan summer

2) Ptarmigan in the winter

ptarmigan winter

3) Arctic Hare in the Summer

arctic hare summer flickr credit alan sim
Photo credit: Flickr user Alan Sim

4) Arctic Hare in the Winter

arctic hare winter

5) Long Tailed Weasel in the Summer

long taile weasle summer

6) Long Tailed Weasel in the Winter

long tailed weasel winter

7) Male American Goldfinch in the Summer

male american goldfinch summer

8) Male American Goldfinch in the Winter

Male american goldfinch winter

9) Arctic Fox in the Summer

Arctic fox summer

10) Arctic Fox in the Winter

Arctic fox winter