Top 10: Animal Albums we’d Listen to


Hey Rangers! Get ready to laugh!

Have you ever wondered what an Indie Rock band would look like, if it was led by a group of cattle? How about a punk band cat-ensemble? Take a look at the animal album covers below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

#1 The Fly Guys release their new single, “Free as a Bird”

#2 Greener Pastures release their debut Country Album, “Paddock Life”

#3 Pawsitively Purrfect release their hotly anticipated album, “Stripes”

#4 Hard-Rock Squirrels release “Peanuts”, their Best-Of Album

#5 Canines release their single, “Cats and Dogs”

#6 The popular indie rock band YakYakYak debut their single, “Wake me up When Winter Ends”

#7 DJ Mandrillus Sphinx drops his new album, “Old World”

#8 The Finnish duo True North, launch their anticipated album, “Snow Drift”

#9 Forelocks to Fetlocks debut their country Album, “Neigh”

#10 The Hipster Lumberjacks release their single, “When a Tree Falls”

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