Top Ten Animals That Can Outrun You


The fastest human is Usain Bolt, whose speed is about 44 km per hour. The rest of us are a whole lot slower. How slow we are becomes pretty clear when you look at the top speeds of some of the fastest animals on land.

1) Cheetah, 93 km per hour

cheetah running

2) Lion, 80 km per hour

lion running

3) Wildebeest, 75 km per hour

Blue Wildebeest running

4) Pronghorn antelop, 70 km per hour

pronghorn antelope

5) Ostrich, 70 km per hour

ostrich running

6) African wild dog, 70 km per hour

African Wild Dog

7) Red kangaroo, 65 km per hour

red kangaroo

8) Thomson’s gazelle, 65 km per hour

Thomson Gazelle Running in Serengeti

9) Zebra, 64 km per hour

zebra running

10) Hyena, 60 km per hour

hyena running