Top Ten Ways Animals Survive the Winter


Baby it’s cold outside, but animals aren’t worried about the chilly winter weather. Check out this top ten list to see how animals get through the long, cold, snowy months of winter.

Some animals like deer grow a thicker coat to stay warm in the winter.

deer in the snow

Some animals like the snowshoe hare actually change the colour of their fur, a snowshoe hair’s white winter coat is actually warmer than their brown summer coat.


Some animals like the beaver gather and store extra food to munch on throughout the winter.


Some animals like the red fox actually find different types of food to eat as the season changes.


Some animals like mice build tunnels in the snow to protect themselves from the winter weather.


Some animals like chipmunks hibernate.


Some animals like emperor penguins depend on their reserves of blubber to survive while they incubate the egg for nearly three months.

Emperor Penguin,  Antarctica

Cold blooded animals like turtles find a spot to hide and go dormant for the winter.

Agadir - Mirleft

Many birds migrate to areas with warmer weather.

Photo credit: Paul Higgins
Photo credit: Paul Higgins

Some animals like squirrels nap and snack their way through winter…they spend the coldest part of the winter sleeping but will come out on warmer days to retrieve food they stored in the fall.

squirrel snow

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