Wild Rock Creations



ROCK your animal-saving projects!

Whether it is a simple paperweight or a way to bring the wild into a garden, a painted rock can be the perfect accessory. Set up a stand and sell your wild rock creations to help raise donations for the project you’re supporting!


All you need are some rocks, paint and any other craft supplies you have around. Bring out that glitter, bust out those googly eyes and get creative.



Using your imagination, you can turn your painted rocks into anything you want:
– Door stopper
– Bookends
– Magnets (find old plain magnets or buy some new ones from your local crafts store and glue them to the back of the rocks)
– Paperweights
– Garden decorations

– Your rocks can be any shape or size
– You can turn your rock into an animal or choose a fun animal print, like zebra, leopard or giraffe.
– Don’t know what to paint? Try thinking about your favourite animal or the animal you are fundraising for!
– Earth Month is For the Animals, so why not make some extra special rock creations to celebrate?



  1. It’s winter now kinda hard to stand outside cold and sell painted rocks plus no ones usually outside in the winter! What can I do I really still want to sell stuff and no one can give me money online right now. Any suggestions?

    • Be sure to check out our Frozen Fundraising article from last winter 🙂
      Members like yourself shared their awesome fundraising ideas for the winter. You can use the search to pull the article by typing in “Frozen Fundraising”!

      -Earth Ranger Liz