To Mexico We Go!

It’s January and brr is it cold here at Earth Rangers HQ! Let’s head south to see how the Monarch Butterfly survives the winter and learn more about the amazing journey of these incredible insects!

Podcast Bonus Episode: The Story of the Most...

Are you ready to hear a cute animal friendship story? Well, you better be because that’s what this bonus episode is all about!

Winter 2018 Battery Blitz Mission Contest Winners

Congratulations to the 12 winners of the Battery Blitz Mission Contest and thank you to all Earth Rangers Members that participated in collecting batteries!

Caption This: What’s this Polar Bear Thinking?

We need your help! This polar bear is trying to tell us something but we can’t figure it out! Take a look at the picture and see if you can come up with the best caption.

Win an Earth Rangers Hoodie and a smart...

Have you accepted the Re-set the ‘stat Mission yet? If not, what are you waiting for?! Don’t you know that you can win an awesome prize pack?

Celebrating YOUR Animal-Saving-Work this year!

Wow, a WHOLE YEAR has gone by, and here we are, we’ve accomplished so much this year! Each and every one of you has done incredible work protecting animals, and their habitats, and every day our team at Earth Rangers Headquarters […]

Podcast Bonus Episode: World’s Funniest Animals

A very silly episode of “Who am I” leads Earth Ranger Emma to investigate the science of animal laughter.

Be a Ringed Seal Rescuer with our newest...

Now presenting this year’s newest Bring Back the Wild project animal: the adorable Ringed Seal! The Ringed Seal makes its home way up in Canada’s frozen north, spending lots of time on the sea ice found throughout the Arctic. It […]

White Sturgeon Animal Adoptions – That’s a Wrap!

There’s a lot to say about the amazing white sturgeon in the Kootenay Lake and River, and our friend’s on the Sturgeon Squad have the scoop – check out the final update here!

Caption This: What’s this Hippo Thinking?

We need your help! This hippo is trying to tell us something but we can’t figure it out!