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It’s finally here! Announcing the Adopt-a-Dinosaur Promotion!

Earth Rangers is excited to announce the launch of the Adopt-a-Dinosaur Program!

… wait, what?

Pixel Puzzler #3: The Great Reveal

Find out if your Pixel Puzzler guess was right!

Hop in the Earth Rangers Time Machine

Join us for an awesome time-travelling adventure back to 1885!

Caption This! What are these animals thinking?

The animals in this picture are up to something. Can you figure out what they are thinking?

Podcast Episode 2: Big-Eared Bats, and Big Cat...

We’re back with episode two and this time things get a little batty!

Pixel Puzzler #3: Guess the Animal, Part 2

See if you can guess what animal is in this picture now that things have gotten a little clearer.

Episode 1 of the Podcast is Finally Here!

What’s fun, wild, wacky, and filled with tons of cool animal adventures? The Earth Rangers Podcast! And we’re super excited to announce that the first episode is finally here!

Pixel Puzzler #3: Guess the Animal, Part 1

Let’s put your animal identification skills to the test! Can you guess what animal is hidden in this pixelated picture?

Enter the Living Forests Photo Contest

Can you take a photo that captures the beauty of Canada’s forests? Submit it to the Living Forests Photo Contest and you could win!

Caption This! What’s This Drill Thinking?

This drill is trying to tell us something but we can’t figure it out! Do you know what he’s thinking?

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