Podcast Bonus Episode: The Story of the Most Peculiar Beluga

Are you ready to hear a cute animal friendship story? Well, you better be because that’s what this week’s bonus episode is all about! Listen to this episode of the Earth Rangers podcast and be prepared to say “awww!”

The Earth Rangers Podcast is the BEST animal podcast EVER! You’ll join Emma, our podcast host and Earth Ranger Extraordinaire, as she journeys from ecosystem to ecosystem on a quest to solve some of nature’s greatest mysteries!

Bonus Episode: The Story of the Most Peculiar Beluga

Once upon a time, there was a beluga whale that didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the pod…Plus: Earth Ranger Emma has a brand new quiz for you. “True or false” – Time to brush up on your elephant and camel trivia facts!

Just click the play button on the player below and get ready for another adventure!

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    earth rangers is making a big diffrence in the world so coooooooooooooooooooooool


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  4. AnimalLover2506 says:

    So Awesome i love being an earth ranger


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