Podcast: Snoozing Sharks and Amazing Animal Superpowers

Strap on your capes and prepare to fly through this super-powered episode with Earth Ranger Emma! We’ll learn all about animal superpowers, find out whether sharks EVER get to stop moving, and discover the differences between poison and venom!

Just click the play button on the player below and get ready for another adventure!


Don’t forget to send us your best animal jokes! Submit your joke by April 30, 2019, at 11:59 pm ET for your chance to win an awesome Earth Rangers t-shirt! Click on the show notes for more details.


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  1. bridgebuster says:

    We should be nicer to animals


  2. r12345 says:

    be kind


  3. Friend1781 says:



  4. bridgebuster says:



  5. bridgebuster says:



  6. PrincessCleo says:

    That was a very interesting podcast. I was very surprised when I heard the answer to the question about the sharks. I thought it was false.


  7. Beelzejaw says:



  8. Jasmine168 says:

    animals have superpowers.wow


  9. hii says:



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